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Green Policy

Welcome to Avalue Technology Inc. , a company keeping you focused on the future with innovative computing products. At Avalue we're dedicated to designing and manufacturing a broad range of computing solutions that will live up to our customers' expectations, and contribute to a more convenient living environment.

Green Manufacturing

Avalue conducts its business in a manner that respects, preserves,and improves the environment. The company is committed to total quality management that applies to a full range of manufacturing and design services. Also, Avalue is devoted to approaching green manufacturing aimed at reducing the energy and hazardous material throughout the product life span, starting from original design, component acquisition, manufacturing, all the way through its transport, usage, and disposal.

Approaches to RoHS Compliance

According to RoHS directive (2002/95/EG), Avalue has initiated a series of action plans to comply with RoHS regulations since 2004. The first RoHS compliance product has been assessed by third party laboratory with successful qualification. in August 2005. The report verifies the facts that Avalue is capable to monitor RoHS manufacturing process, and ensures its manufacturing achieves 100% lead-free quality. Check for regular status updates available online at the Avalue website. EOL plans for non-RoHS-compliant products We will phase out the following products due to the two chipsets, Intel FW82810 and NS GEODE GX1, can not convert into RoHS compliant and will discontinue in 2006.

Avalue Conflict Minerals Statement

Recent years, that the origin of these conflict minerals has become the Democratic Republic of Congo's main revenue sources of armed rebel groups, to deal in arms, continued its bloody conflict between government forces, devastated the local civilian population, thus triggering international disputes. Avalue Technology Inc., as the global citizen, we declare and commit to refusing the application of metals from fighting region; meanwhile, we request Avalue’s supply chain to conduct operations in a way of social and environmental responsibility. Not use the conflict minerals originated from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and its adjoining countries. Trace the origins of the metals used, e.g. Au, Ta, Sn and W, and fill in the investigation form /sign declaration.