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Avalue Announces New Industrial Grade PCs Based on AI

 Complete Box PCs Feature Intel 11th Gen CPUs and GPUs for AI and Deep Learning at the Edge

December 9, 2022, Taipei, Taiwan. Avalue Technology (stock code: 3479), an embedded industrial PC maker and a Titanium member of the Intel® Partner Alliance, is announcing two new members of its AI-Based industrial-grade box PC line, the EMS-TGL and the EPC-TGU. Each is equipped with 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake UP3 microprocessor and dedicated GPU.


The two industrial PCs are aimed at different applications. The EMS-TGL is used for autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), while the EPC-TGU looks at applications that require vision solutions. Both have received Intel’s Edge Software Device Qualification (ESDQ), with the EMS-TGL certified for AMRs and the EPC-TGU certified for vision.


Tiger Lake is the 11th Generation Intel Core™ Processor family that focuses on Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Specific to these new offerings is the Intel Tiger Lake UP3 which is suited for automation and high-performance Edge computing. The UP3 increases graphics performance thanks to the Intel Iris® XE dedicated graphics GPU, with 23% faster single-thread performance and 19% faster multi-thread performance. That commanding feature set combines with AI and deep-learning capabilities to enable workload consolidation.


According to Avalue Vice President Kevin Lien, “Bringing AI and deep learning to industrial applications in a complete box PC like the EMS-TGL or the EPC-TGU lets developers get to the prototype stage faster than ever before. This is particularly true when the need is for vision or AMRs, two spaces that are garnering lots of interest.”


The EMS-TGL is a smart module system that works with Avalue’s IET (Intelligent Expansion Technology) module, making I/O customization faster and more flexible. With the EMS standard mainboard plus the add-on IET module, customers can choose the IET module that best fits their application, making for an easy quick-turn prototype. Avalue offers 10 different types of flexible I/O configurations without a minimum order quantity, including HDMI, USB, LAN, Serial, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and DVI.


The EMS-TGL is finding a home in a plethora of applications, such as:

● Industrial automation, for automated pharma packing line, automated optical inspection (AOI), CNC machines, human-machine interfaces (HMIs), and real-time controls

●    Healthcare for high-performance X-ray scanning and image analysis

●    Transportation, particularly for gate-control systems and object recognition.


Alternatively, the EPC-TGU stands out thanks to its rugged design, as well as its extensive storage capacity. In fact, the industrial PC can handle three different M.2 form factors (2242, 3042, and 2230) and a 2.5-in. solid-state disk (SSD).


The application space for the EPC-TGU stretches to AI-enhancements for analytics and edge computing, while adding computer vision with inferencing capabilities for uses like network video recorders or machine vision and inspection. The EPC-TGU vision-based computer system can potentially support a range of industries, from manufacturing to healthcare to retail, helping businesses extend and enhance AI and analytics at the Edge of the IoT. The key enabling features are object detection, recognition, and classification.


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