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What kind of smart interactive service do you expect from the restaurant?
May 21, 2019, Taipei, Taiwan  With the advent of the new retail era, consumers are expecting instant service more than ever before but retailers are unable to meet their expectation because manpower shortage is the greatest problem. In all likelihood you had dined in a restaurant where manpower shortage and busy waiters had diners raising their hands to catch the attention of waiters, who then had to get over to the diners to inquire their needs, return back to prepare their requests and then get back to the diners to provide the required service, taking at least two trips to provide the required service. The difficulty of providing service is further increased if the restaurant offers private dining rooms or is a two-floor establishment; often requiring diners to walk the distance to seek help from waiters, stretching out the dining time unnecessarily due to the constant waiting.
Service quickens with QSer

Is there a way to cut waiting time at the restaurant? Yes, with Avalue Technology’s innovative IoT-based smart retail service solution – QSer. When diners press QSer buttons at the side of their tables, their requests are sent via Bluetooth to QSer wristband worn by waiters. One glance at the wristband will allow  waiters  to know the types of service required at respective tables, enabling them to respond quickly to diners and provide the required service in the shortest possible time. Using QSer buttons and wristbands, waiters can provide service with accuracy and do not have to constantly look around to see if diners need their service while they are in the midst of performing other tasks which require their attention. By cutting the number of trips made to and from tables, up to 50% of service time can be saved, greatly reducing the problem of manpower shortage. Moreover, faster service will increase  table turnover rate , which in turn increases customer satisfaction and return patronage.

What is QSer?
Backed by near 20 years of experience in embedded industrial computers, Avalue has ventured into smart retail, fully committed to providing much-needed retail solutions to consumers and business owners. The recently launched smart retail IoT solution – QSer, is developed for retailers and restaurants needing to provide personalized service. Fully developed by Avalue, from its hardware, software to system configuration platform, QSer is a comprehensive smart retail solution integrating hardware and software. Designed to be clean and simple, customers are given a selection of four default buttons, encompassing common requests, i.e. ordering, waiter service, cleaning and billing, and a button on the side allows the waiter to deactivate the button once the service has been performed. With Bluetooth transmission between service buttons and wristbands, waiters are alerted to requests immediately and can respond efficiently. Furthermore, through data IoT gateways and Wifi, all requests and completed services are recorded, analyzed, tracked and digitalized for further big data analytics and monitoring. Through visual power BI reports, restaurant owners can obtain information of waiters’ service efficiency and areas of services that need improvement, enabling them to optimize the use of existing resources with constant monitoring and versatile manpower allocation.

Positive feedback
QSer has been used by a hotpot restaurant chain for some time, and feedbacks from customers, waiters and business owners have been highly positive. When asked for feedback, customer Ms Wang said, “I prefer to have more privacy and not have a waiter hovering around. But in a private dining room, the greatest inconvenience is not being able to find a waiter when you need one and I have no choice but to walk out of the room to find a waiter. These service buttons are quite good. When I need water, all I need to do is press the add-water button and the waiter will come soon enough, and I don’t have to walk out to call a waiter. I find it pretty convenient.” Waitress Ms Lin said, “It’s always busy in the hotpot restaurant. I’m constantly serving dishes, taking orders and adding more soup for customers. Before using QSer, I have to make two trips just to add soup for customers. After using QSer, I can see notifications from all the tables on my wristband so I can add soup for many tables in one trip and not have to waste my energy unnecessarily.” Owner of a hotpot restaurant Mr. Chen added, “From big data analytics, I can clearly see if I have manpower shortage or it’s the waiters’ attitude that needs improvement. The backend reports are also easy to understand, allowing me to monitor manpower allocation and in-store information easily. In particular, during off-peak hours when there are less waiters in the restaurant, QSer can allow customers to find a waiter more easily, ensuring the quality of customer service.”
QSer takes care of the needs of waiters, customers and business owners at the same time, providing fast and accurate service to improve customers’ satisfaction and reduce waiting time, thus increasing table turnover rate and lowering operational cost. The increase in efficiency can also boost overall business revenue. Most importantly, it delivers excellent customer experience.
Choosing QSer
QSer service buttons are easy to install. Powered by batteries, which can last for up to six months with normal usage, the service buttons are easy to install and maintain without the need to destroy any interior décor or requiring wiring. Each set of buttons have reusable adhesive strip on the back to allow easy installation. QSer buttons are also IP54 oil-proof and water-proof, making them suitable for use in a restaurant environment. The buttons can be customized to cater to different service requirements, locations and settings, such as hotpot restaurants, regular restaurants, fitting rooms, nursing rooms and private dining rooms. Varying according to the size of the location, setup cost is considerably low, requiring well below a hundred thousand dollars for a regular-size restaurant. Do you want to improve service satisfaction? Do you want to make more efficient use of your short-handed staff? QSer is your best choice.
For more information on QSer, visit
Avalue smart retail website: https://retail.avalue-solutions.com/en
Introduction to QSer: https://retail.avalue-solutions.com/en/23-QSer
QSer video: https://youtu.be/Kq_57ON3Cmg
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