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Avalue Technology RENITY ARTEMIS Solution Solve the Management Problem of Health Examination Center

TAIPEI, TAIWAN, Mar 25th, 2021Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global industrial PC solution provider and an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. With the rise of people’s health awareness, arranging health screening in health examination center is common in modern society, and the subsequent impact is making the health examination industry flourish. With more and more competitors in the market, in addition to basic checkup items, how to segment the market to attract customers has become extremely important for every health examination center.


Solve customer demands and meet core values

The purpose of the health examination center of Avalue Technology’s cooperation is to offer a high quality equipment and extensive experience in comprehensive precision preventive health management. Integrating the core values of "Innovative technology", "Thoughtful service" and "Human-centered" to provide customers with accurate, efficient and sincere experience. However, with the increase of members, they are facing the problem of gradually insufficient manpower and rising management costs. This not only tests the wisdom of the management and all staff, but is also the only way to promote the advancement of the health examination center. After adopting Avalue’s solutions, they are glad that ARTEMIS has solved their problems while meeting the core value goals.


Locating system assists staff to optimize the overall process time

The manager said that the greatest challenge encountered in the management is the increase in members with the development of the center, which caused to a staff member who often needs to be responsible for multiple health check objects. Not only does the workload increase, but it is also difficult to find the target immediately when the members are scattered in various corners. The staff have to run around the center to find different members, resulting in the compression of service quality and the deterioration of the member experience.


ARTEMIS imports the real-time locating management technology from GIPS Technology to help the health examination center solve this problem. The real-time location allows the staff to find the accurate location of the target on the dash board in real time. For the staff, it is like Google maps for indoor use, which can directly find the location of the target. In addition to reducing 90% of the staff’s time on search targets, it also indirectly reduces the waiting time between members and the time of the overall membership process, improves the management efficiency of staff, and thereby enhances the experience satisfaction of members.


In the future, center also intends to develop the indoor locating system into an APP that is compatible with mobile phone. Members can see their current location through their dash board and know where to go to their next destination, so that members can be guided to the next destination by themselves. In addition to greatly reducing manpower, it can also shorten the overall process time and optimize the fluency of the process.


Review historical traces to optimize schedules to improve customer satisfaction with the fluency of the process

On the other hand, managers mentioned that members’ appraisal of schedule fluency is not high, and sometimes even received complaints. Some members expressed that the waiting time for each part of the schedule was too long and always run up and down the stairs, which caused the satisfaction cannot be improved. After installing ARTEMIS, the background can record the path and status of all tags to facilitate review of historical traces. The optimized process calculation through big data greatly reduces unnecessary journeys, processes and waiting, and optimizes the efficiency of health inspections.


Efficient integration of various internal platform systems

Besides installing sensing components for real-time locating, the ARTEMIS solution also provides a backend platform that combines advanced technologies such as ultra-wideband (UWB) wireless communication, accurate floor mapping, TDOA processing and data science computation, it also provides application programming interface API, so that the center can integrate existing systems and new systems that will be introduced in the future, such as health check scheduling system, inventory systems, etc.

In the past, the staff had to check all the equipment and take inventory one by one, which wasted time and energy; by introducing the ARTEMIS indoor locating technology, combining the inventory system, installing asset-type tags on each important equipment, combined with geofencing technology and path tracking, when the asset goes out of the fence, it will automatically notify the manager, which can effectively manage the asset, and automatically inventory, shorten the waste of activities.


The world is not see an end of epidemics, which has led to a surge in medical pressure. How to reduce medical costs and man power has become significant. ARTEMIS can effectively help the health field to reduce management costs and personnel pressure, and become the supporter behind staff in the era of epidemics.


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