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As the urgent need for higher productivity continues to drive the recovery and transformation of manufacturing industries worldwide through Industry 4.0 and automation, and the increasing impact of the pandemic on labor shortage worldwide pushes the need for faster adoption of factory automation in traditional manufacturing industries, HMI is now facing a new outlook. Avalue and Novakon have commenced on a new partnership to introduce HMI Turnkey Solution, which is especially suitable for industrial applications and monitoring of automated equipment, into manufacturing and production. The tight linkup between equipment and various steps in the production process with IoT, cloud computing, big data and AI applications enables communication between machines and between humans and machines, building a strategic business command center for real-time quantitative management.

The Avalue and Novakon HMI Turnkey Solution is the critical pivot for OT and IT systems’ information transmission. By combining Avalue’s industrial-grade rugged computers with Novakon’s iFace-Designer® HMI Visualization Software, components and services of HMI programs are connected via tag system to register or IO locations of various equipment, such as PLC, inverter, thermostat and motor driver, enabling cloud retrieval of data uploaded from various end points, thus transforming the entire production into data and process. Furthermore, with its highly visual and intuitive user interface, iFace-Designer® allows the user to quickly drag GUI widgets from component database to add or remove items, and index tab search enables settings to be completed quickly. In terms of remote monitoring and maintenance, iFace-Designer® supports VNC, VPN, FTP and IIoT transmission protocol. VPN and VPC connection enable mobile management and remote monitoring, allowing managers to access real-time information anytime, anywhere; FTP support enables easy access to HMI alerts and data records; and MQTT used in IIoT may be used for continuous monitoring of temperature, humidity, pressure, electric power, water level, etc.

While iFace-Designer® provides a complete range of functions for factory production management and control, Avalue’s industrial-grade rugged computers ensure the comprehensiveness of the HMI Turnkey Solution. Avalue’s three series include rugged HMI system, light industrial computer system and industrial touchscreen (computer system required), which are waterproof/ dustproof/shockproof for use in harsh industrial environments, such as factory or manufacturing facility. Avalue also provides a host of customized services, including anti-scratch coating and sunlight visibility for its panels. To counter visual disturbance caused by strong light, reflection or quick-changing lighting conditions outdoor, Avalue’s touchscreen panels are stabilized with multiple coating technologies, including anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint coatings, for different application environments. Furthermore, Avalue’s touchscreens are designed with enhanced sensitivity so they can be operated by gloved hands in harsh environments where oil and water are present.


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