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Avalue deliver intelligent transportation systems to fit your needs

Feb 20th, 2020, Taipei, Taiwan Avalue Technology Inc. (TAIEX: 3479-TW), a global industrial PC solution provider and an associate member of the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance. In the future, the intelligent transportation development processes, integrable and multi-stability products, with faster data transfer and analysis rates as well as stronger stability and ruggedness, are required to satisfy the increasingly complex demands. Avalue offers a variety of integrated intelligent transportation solutions for vehicle, rail transit and maritime transport related industries. All series including Public Transit, Dynamic Bus Info System, eBus Total Solution, Real-Time Traffic Information System, Smart Taxi Dispatching system, Truck Fleet Management, Intelligent Waste Collection Truck, Driver Fatigue Management and Intelligent System Architecture of Bus Station. From entry-level to high-end level, not only saves costs but also accelerates the time to market goals, generating more sales and greater profitability.

Here come some unique characteristics of Avalue’s intelligent transportation systems:

Customizations and modular designs, multiple expansion ports for more applications

Users can choose CPU and chipset according to application needs or budget control. Connect main board and daughter board by IET (Intelligent Expansion Technology) concept interface. Easy to assemble and expandable, can help to meet customer’s need in the shortest time. IET module is an 80-pin connector with several signals reserved on the system board which is able to connect to different IET modules for different applications. For example, if customers have more PoE ports requirements, they can choose AUX-M04 IET module to quickly expand PoE ports to meet customer’s needs.

Rugged structural design for under extreme environmental

The rugged structural design can withstand strong vibrations or impacts and operate normally under extreme weather conditions.

The outstanding power management, wide voltage input, and low power consumption can effectively prevent voltage overload and product overheating. Protecting and extending the life of the vehicle’s battery.

Reliable military-grade and navigation certifications

Product reliability and stability are certified by industrial product quality tests. Anti-vibration and anti-shock tests pass MIL-STD-810G grade of US army、E-MARK (E13)、ISO-7637-2、EN50155、EN45545、EN50121、IEC 60945.

Various communication services integrated

Avalue’s Intelligent transportation systems supports various communication requirements, such as 3G, 4G, 5G, WI-FI, Bluetooth and GPS. Executes high-performance data transfers and calculations.

Avalue's sophisticated industry integration experiences and professional services have successfully incorporated various vertical industries. Our excellent product performances make intelligent transportation development safer, smarter and more reliable.

Link to Avalue Transportation System Video: https://youtu.be/p1sNp4ajG8c

Link to Avalue Transportation System Products: https://www.avalue.com.tw/products/Industrial-Computer/Transportation-System_64

Link to Avalue Intelligent Transportation website: https://transportation.avalue-solutions.com/en

Visit www.avalue.com.tw for more information on Avalue products, or contact sales@avalue.com.tw to talk to our sales team.

About Avalue Technology

Avalue Technology (TAIEX: 3479-TW) is a professional industrial computer manufacturing company, who is dedicated to developing the x86 and RISC architecture products, including Industrial & Embedded Motherboard, Industrial Computer, Panel PC, System On Module, POS Terminal, Tablet, Software and various IOT ready products. Having expanded, Avalue offers its expertise on PCB/ Assembly/ BIOS version control and all types of after-sales services. An ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified company; Avalue offers assurance to customers in every aspect of business. With headquarter located in Taiwan, Avalue has global subsidiaries, including offices in Shanghai, New Jersey, California and Tokyo. In addition, Avalue Technology operates an extensive distribution network to accommodate and serve customers all around the world.

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