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With the growing demand for seamless transaction, traditional paying method is no longer sufficient. Other than cash, credit cards, visa cards, the need for mobile paymeng is growing rapidly. Retailers are obliged to adopt new methods in order to accomodate as many consumers as possible. Additionally, not only is there a shift in ways of paying, the demand for POS terminals is also diversifying, from traditional desktop point of sale terminal at the counter, to mobile POS terminal that allows staff to provide table side service.
POS Terminal/ Mobile POS
Avalue’s all-in-one point of sale terminal offers full functionality including merchandise checkout, payment transaction, ticket printing, membership management, employee management as well as expandability of connecting to other devices.

Mobile POS, on top of the basic point of sale features, has the advantage of mobility, allows staff to assist customer on the spot, enabling upselling and cross-selling.
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