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In-Store Marketing

Communicating with consumer at the point of purchase through ways such as product demonstration, digital signage, in-store promotion and many others in the attempt to influence in-store decisions and stimulate unplanned purchases. Moreover, the traditional way of "one-size-fits-all" marketing strategy is no longer appealing to neither retailers nor shoppers. Therefore, retailers are relying more on devices, sensors and dongles to understand who the customers are in order to provide useful and accurate information.
Renity Signs
Applying facial recognition technology to identify customer demographic in order to display relevant, interactive and personalized ads and promotion information to encourage purchasing. Customer data collected will be stored for further clientele analysis and helps retailers to identify and evaluate effective marketing event and targeting groups.

Providing an user-friendly content management system for store owners to create and manage advertisements. Retailers could edit content, set displaying schedule and synchronize multiple digital signage devices at the same time.

Intelligent Shelf
Movement of the merchandise will trigger the digital signage to play coordinate content such as promotion information, product introduction and so on. Customers can get immediate knowledge about the product they are appealed to without having to ask help from or being promoted to by store staff. To owners, they not only effortlessly attract and speak to the potential buyers but also keep record of what are the items that had most attention, this will in turn benefit retailers' merchandizing and store layout strategy.
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