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Customer Satisfaction

Employing cloud-based technology to synchronize information and provide realtime data in order to cater to customer's need in the shortest delay, make the shopping journey effective, efficient and enjoyable.
Instant Inventory-Checking
Combining POS data and warehouse information to provide real-time report on stock level, allowing store staff to give instant feedback to customers, to replenish the inventory on a timely manner and prevent product shortage as well as review and control the items that has the lowest turnover rate.

In-Store Navigation
Applying beacon and mobile APP to assist customers find the product they are looking for in the shortest time, increase shopping efficiency and the willingness to visit. Additionally, transform shopping experience into a "collect and reward" activity, attracting more people to the store and give incentives to shop.

Intelligent Queue Management
Enabling customers to join queue and track queuing status easily, gives store owners informative report to the rush hours and off-peak hours for operation strategy setting as well as prevent crowding at the store front. Customers register their mobile phone and number of group at the station then will be notifed via SMS message when it's their turn to enter the store. The display can also be used as an advertising signage to highlight promotions and stimulate purchse.

Renity Serve | Smart Service
Allowing staff to provide immediate service, increase customer satisfaction and re-visit rate. Service efficiency report helps owner to enhance staff shifting plan and decrease operation cost.
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