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Business Intelligence

All the data collected from end terminals and devices will be combined and presented in graphics and charts, a more comprehensive way for management to read and understand. When all the devices deployed in the store give out millions of information each day, it became essential to have a single platform that can integrate all the data together and produce reports that are meaningful and easy for retailers to use in order to advance business strategy.
Renity Alert | Device Monitoring
Connecting all devices on the same network for real-time status monitoring. Results will be displayed on web-based dashboard, allowing management to have access anytime and anywhere. Through data collecting and machine learning, predictive maintenance is made possible, helping retailers to minimize business downtime.

Renity Cerebro | Business Intelligence
Web-based comprehensive business intelligence report demonstrated in graphics and charts, gives retailers immediate analysis of all the data collected by various devices and sensors implemented in the store, including customer flow, sales revenue, marketing effectiveness, customer satisfaction, device status etc. Also possible to combine external data such as social media, weather for cross analysis in order to provide a throughout report on the overall performance and trends of the store.

Loss Prevention
Allowing store owners to set criteria and rules based on industry characteristics and be alerted when abnormal transactions occur. Integrating point of sale data and network security camera footage to provide detailed exception list for owners to access locally and remotely. Also, complete report including snapshot, transaction data and comments could be easily exported for audit purpose or police evidence.