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Avalue provided two check-in options. Patients can simply get their waiting number of the clinic and cashier via Patient Check-in Kiosk. Another way is scanning the QR code by themselves that will improve patient experience and will offer a more convenient hospital environment.


Outpatient Clinic

The Multimedia Information System shows the sections of the clinic room, current call number and medication information for healthcare education. Patients can check-in by themselves via Real-time Information Display System, and they can easily scan the QR code on the system to get the latest news of the clinic. Moreover, when patients fill in their waiting number of the clinic and their last four number on the APP. The system will send the notification to them when their number are calling. The Real-time Information Display System also shows the sections of the diagnosis, the name of physicians/ nurses and the current call number.



The pharmacy computer system was developed to make more efficient use of hospital facilities and professional staff time. Our pharmacy computer can connect with HIS or hospital system that offers healthcare professionals more accurate use of drugs. The applications include order entry, patient profiles, and preparation of unit dose cart fill lists. Batch processing functions include drug-use review, drug-drug interactions, and financial management reports.

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