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Health Station/Exam Room/Operating Room

Intelligent Health Station

The Intelligent Health Station provides patients the great environment to control their health and obtain the real-time data of blood pressure test, blood sugar levels, and so on.

All of the records are uploaded to the health cloud, the patients can check the results via their own devices such as mobile phones or wearable devices to get more details of their health situation. The doctors can easily understand the patient's latest health records to improve doctor-patient communication. This system is also very suitable for long distance healthcare.


Exam Room

Avalue's Exam Room Solution has Medical Display, Workstation, Nursing Carts and the Room Status Display.

The Room Status Display shows the occupied state & worklist queue that can help patients aware the sequence. Moreover, it has PCAP multi-touch screen controls and can display the working list with 3 different colors of LED lights- red, green and yellow.

The Medical Workstation shows the patient’s information and their reports immediately. It helps doctors control the exam process effectively.


Operating Room

This series of Medical Display includes many flexible visualization options such as switching to multiple monitors in full screen, picture-in-picture, picture-by-picture or in multi-split.

Medical Arm is designed for installation in a typical operating room, where it is either fixed to a wall box or a ceiling mount, and can be parked away from the bedside when necessary. The arm is easily maneuverable to provide the user with the most comfortable position when using the touchscreen interface of the terminal. Also, the arm integrates an adjustable custom-made gas spring and is fitted with a special cable loom which has been tested in all of the arm articulations.

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