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Focusing on the strict regulation and high secure specificities of the gaming industry, Avalue has latest technology and know-how to develop and customize Gaming embedded computers to meet the requirement of features like exceptional 3D graphics performance, high secure and encryption capability, extended control and expansion interface, and professional software development.

At Avalue, we design the most innovative gaming platform, from concept to development, prototyping and manufacture. Our team is dedicated to gaming designing and developing, no matter it's a complex project, or a low cost, high volume product, we will provide technical consultant and reliable service to meet your time to market satisfaction.

‧ Fast, flexible and scalable - customized performance to Gaming Industry
‧ Long lifecycle industrial motherboard, including Mini-ITX, Micro ATX and ATX form factors
‧ Sophisticated data protection & high-level security encryption algorithms: RNG/Security Chip/TPM/iButton
‧ Good failure recovery capability: battery backup SRAM
‧ Onboard DI-DO/JAMMA/CC Talk for flexible configuration
‧ Exceptional Multimedia Functions for Gaming platformEmbedded OS/BIOS/API


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