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Avalue delivers ideal embedded boards and systems for medical computers and has long been providing successful solutions for bedside information, communication, entertainment terminals and mobile medical carts.
Accommodating the needs of health care professionals and patients has become a significant factor in improving
healthcare performance, environment and evaluations. Avalue’s products adhere to the strictest medical standards and provide unsurpassed reliabilty.


With the popularity and convenience of Internet sales transactions, users can gain access to varied information, promotion and service with the touch of a finger. Most kiosks are located in public places around us; they're also increasingly prevalent in most everyplace we go. Information kiosks are the first kiosk platform of self-service. Following the technology and IT trends, other kiosks with a variety of functions feature profitable businesses such as vending and purchasing kiosks in the marketplace today.


At Avalue, we design the most innovative gaming platform, from concept to development, prototyping and manufacture. Our team is dedicated to gaming designing and developing, no matter it's a complex project, or a low cost, high volume product, we will provide technical consultant and reliable service to meet your time to market satisfaction.

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